Small World Laughing All the Way
*Small World Laughing All the Way
*‘SMALL WORLD LAUGHING ALL THE WAY. (Miller, M., 09) Tet., sw-SP-26-t-06 (‘Wild Wookie’ x ‘Webster’s Pink Wonder’) Re., M., Dor 44 in., 11 in 5-way branching carrying 30 buds.  This is by far the best spider ever done. I have not seen any thing that is as good as this. It’s monster sherbet orange color with large green throat. Is just awesome. Waiting list started and has grown so big. It’s time to let it out.  It has a great plant habit. Monster fans. Big scapes. Fertile both ways. Pods take work but got some on it ever year. And I have bloomed a few kids so far and wow. It passes on that great scape and great color. ‘SMALL WORLD LAUGHING ALL THE WAY’ is just down right awesome. The bar has been set.