Small World Magic Man
*Small World Magic Man
*‘SMALL WORLD MAGIC MAN’ (Miller, M., ’10) Tet., sw-222-t-06 (‘Small World Heart Throb’ X ‘Small World Teddy Bear’) Dor., M., Re., 34”, 5.75”, 4-way branching, 24 BC. Hot pink-lavender with a raspberry eye and edge and green throat.  Bold eyes and edges are something I like. And this one has them. Great color. One of the best we have done for bold eyes and edges. The picture says it all.  Even the sepals have edges on them. Only a few daylilies in the world have that edge on the sepals like this one. Jeff Salter has done two and now we have done one. I am anxiously waiting to see kids from Jeff’s ‘Fabulous Black Pearl’ x ‘Small World Magic Man’. Easy fertile both ways.