Small World Winter Wonderland
*Small World Winter Wonderland
*‘SMALL WORLD WINTER WONDER LAND’ (Miller, M., 09) Tet., m-14-t-06  (Michael Miller x Spanish Snowbird) Re., Em., Dor., 38 in., 6.5 in., 6 to 9-way branching carrying 45  buds. ‘SMALL WORLD WINTER WONDER LAND’ is the best branched scape by far in our garden or any I have seen. The branching has branching. The blooms are a wonderful cream white with a nice gold edge. Easy fertile both ways. And it does pass on that great branching to its kids. Don’t miss out on this one.  Makes large fans. Wonderful plant habit. ‘Michael Miller’ has been making some wonderful kids. We have been getting kids from ‘SMALL WORLD WINTER WONDER LAND’ that have large ruffles and owl ears and large gold edges. A must for hybridizers as well as people that want a wonderful garden plant.