Small World Christmas Candy Small World Christmas Candy

Small World Christmas Candy
‘Small World Christmas Candy’ (Miller, M., ’13) Tet., sw-28-t-09 (‘Larry Allen Miller’ X ‘Seedling’ ‘Maxfield Parish’ x ‘Bela Lugosi’) Dor., E., Re., 36”, 6.5”, 4-way branching, 20 BC.  Hot cherry red with a bold Pink water mark,  gold edge and green throat. This is without a doubt  the best breeder for making huge blooms on its kids ranging from 7 to 10 inches in all colors.  Yes 10 inches.  And yes they are round full forms.  And all the kids have large pink, white and/or lavender water marks with gold and white edges.  It can be crossed to create spiders and UFOs  as well.  We will have so many introductions from this one.  I thought ‘Michael Miller’ was one of the best breeders but this one surpasses that one. This has jumped way ahead. It's as awesome as the picture shows.  Pod and Pollen  fertile.  Limited numbers, so don't wait if you want it!