Small World Crystal LakeSmall World Crystal Lake
*Small World Crystal Lake
* ‘Small World Crystal Lake ’ (Miller, M., ’11) Tet., sw-sp-33-t-09 (‘Small World Snow Owl X ‘Stick Figure’) Dor., Ml., Re., 38”, 8”, 7-9 way branching, 50 BC. This cream Lavender pink blend is the best branched TET UF that  I know of.  In full bloom it is an awesome sight! This one will be making a name for its self. It is a great breeder and an all around great plant. It re bloomed 4 sets of scapes last year with us setting over 25 pods on it . It only had 6-7 way branching this year . Last year here we had one of hottest season ever and also was one the driest ever.  It’s a wonder how it came back this year and still is doing great. A must have.  Last year it had the nickname "ENERGIRZER BUNNY". Still blooming strong as I write this (early July).  Easy fertile both ways.