Small World Fire in the Hole
*Small World Fire in the Hole
* ‘Small World Fire in the Hole’ (Miller, M., ’11) Tet., sw-1-t-09 (‘Pumpkin Prince’ X ‘Merry Moppet’) Sev., Ee., Re., 30”, 5”, 5-way branching, 35 BC.  This vibrant golden yellow with a fiery orange-red eye and edge (more red than orange) with a golden yellow-to-green throat is a standout in the early early garden.  This intensely bright daylily starts blooming about a week before H. Stella De Oro.   It is a great grower, has wonderful plant habit and, when lined out, increases rapidly.  Branching estimates are drawn from lined out plants.  Bud count and branching increase as the plant matures.  A great breeder and easy fertile both ways.