Small World Green Lightning
*Small World Green Lightning
* ‘Small World Green Lightning’ (Miller, M., ’11) dip., sw-sp-15-d-08 (‘sw-sp-3-d-03  X ‘Magic of Oz’) Dor., Em., Re., 38”, 9”, 4-way branching, 25 BC.   From day one this cream yellow with a rose pink eye and great green throat has been one of the most colorful blooms in the garden.  A real favorite of mine.  It first bloomed when my Dad went in the hospital.  I picked it and took it up there for him to see.  It put a big smile on his face.  I can’t say much more about something this wonderful, but as the picture shows it’s one of the most beautiful daylilies I’ve ever seen.  Super plant habit.  Fertile both ways.