Small World Lolly Pop Kid Small World Lolly Pop Kid
*Small World Lolly Pop Kid
*‘Small World Lolly Pop Kid’ (Miller, M., ’11) Tet., sw-sp-36-t-09(‘Small World Its My Party X ‘Stick Finger’) Dor., Em., Re., 46”, 9.5”, 4-way branching, 25 BC.  Cream pink with green throat.   H. Small World Its My Party as been the best breeder we have seen for making distinctive kids.  We  think this cultivar is going to be well known one day.  Plant habit is awesome, re-blooming three times this year for us.  The color is clear and clean and on cooler days the color is a little pinker than this picture shows.  This photo was taken of a small clump that had just been moved so you can see that you won’t have to wait for a year for it to bloom.  Performance should increase as the plant matures.  Easy fertile both ways.