Small World Love Potion #9Small World Love Potion #9
*Small World Love Potion #9
 * ‘Small World love Potion #9’ (Miller, M., ’11) Tet., sw-sp-53-t-09 (‘Small World Laughing All The Way X ‘Tet Skinwalker’) Dor., L., Re., 46”, 12”, 4-way branching, 25 BC.  This orange daylily, a hybridizers dream,  is being registered for its blood line.  It is a powerful breeder coming from the cross of two outstanding parents, Webster's Pink Wonder and Tet  Skinwalker.  It starts blooming about a week  to ten days after SMALL WORLD LAUGHING ALL THE WAY.  It is also larger and much darker.  It is an all around great plant it has been much admired by everyone that came to our garden.   Fertile both ways.