Small World Orange Cheetah
*Small World Orange Cheetah
* ‘Small World Orange Cheetah’ (Miller, M., ’11) Dip., sw-sp-40-d-09 (‘Wind Star  X ‘Dixie Rooster’) Dor., La., Re., 44”, 4.5”, 4-5-way branching, 24 BC.  This reverse bitone is yellow with orange stippling that covers the entire bloom. There has been a lot of discussion on the spirder robin about stippled blooms.  Small World Orange Cheetah is the first of several stippled daylilies that I will be registering.  Two club members were in the garden this year and they went nuts over this one!  It is one more of the smaller UFs to Spiders that we have been working on and registering.   You just have to love them!  Fertile both ways.