Small World Rings of Color
*Small World Rings of Color
* ‘Small World Rings of Color’ (Miller, M., ’11) Tet., sw-35-t-09 (‘Mysterious Eyes X ‘Witch Ways’) Sev., Ee., Re., 34”, 5”, 4-way branching, 25 BC. This is a clean cream white with a patterned blue eye zone and edge. The eye zone contains up to 6 colors starting with gray, light blue, blue, light wine, and dark wine.  The pattern is carried onto the sepals.  The distinctive thing about this daylily is that it is hardy.  Many “blues” are not hardy in the north.  This one is.  And the colors are bright and clear.  This has great plant habit and should be desirable for breeding patterns with blues with clean color. Easy fertile both ways.