Small World Connect the Dots
*Small World Connect the Dots
* ‘Small World Connect the Dots’ (Miller, M., ’10) Tet., sw-54-t-05(‘Romeo is Bleeding’ X ‘Powder puff Truffle’) Dor., Em., Re., 26”, 5”, 4-way branching, 30 BC.  This cream/orange with darker halo and orange red dots all over it, also sports a gold edge and green throat.   Garden visitors expressed interest in purchasing the plant but it was felt that further evaluation was necessary.  After evaluating the plant habit and getting more input from visitors we decided to introduce it.  Admirers of stippled daylilies will be happy to have this cultivar as part of their collection.  The cultivar doubles about 10% of the time, thus could be used in a doubles program.   Fertile both ways.