Small World Green Eyed Monster
‘SMALL WORLD GREEN EYED MONSTER’ (Miller, M., ‘06) Dip., L-SP-2-D-02 (‘Wilson Spider’ X ‘Green Widow’)  Ev., M., Re.,  35 in. sc.; 8 in. fl.; 3 way branching carrying 20 buds. ‘Small World Green Eyed Monster’ is an awesome 8 inch bloom with a ratio of 3:6.  As shown in the picture it has a monster green throat that is very showy across the garden.  A must-have for anyone hybridizing spiders and unusual forms, it is pollen fertile, however, pods can be difficult.  I have been hybridizing a lot of diploid spiders and unusual forms for conversions to use in tetraploid programs.  I will be using this great breeder again next year.