Small World Twister
 ‘SMALL WORLD TWISTER’ (Miller M. ‘06)  DIP, L-SP-040-D-02 (‘WILSON SPIDER’ X ‘LONG JOHN SILVER’) 4.5:1 ratio, true spider, ML., Dor., Re., 42 in., sc.; 10 in fl.; 4 way branching carrying 25 buds. It is with great excitement and delight that we offer this fantastic breeder for narrow formed spiders and unusual forms! All of our seedlings from it this year were keepers, giving us nice  white, pink, lavender, siver tan crispate, cascade and spatulate seedlings. A wonderful parent if you enjoy creating seedlings with lots of movement. It is the parent to what we believe will be the largest spider registered!! The seedling is 15 inches with an 18 inch wingspan. ‘Small World Twister’ is currently being grown in Florida by Patrick Stamile and we are told that the blooms have a lot more twisting and motion there. Pat will be attempting a conversion on it this fall. Thank you Pat. Pollen is easy to use, it can set pods but takes work. Be sure to watch for all the introductions coming from this great spider breeder!