Bodine, Daylily


*BODINE (Stamile,P.) TET 519-A (Pirates Patch X Tet Time Stopper) 37” E EV Re nofr. CMO. 8.5” 3-way branching. 15 buds.

BODINE has been a pod and pollen parent of some of the most unusual daylilies bloomed last year. In its seedlings the large green throat of BODINE expands and becomes deeper green while the white patches on the sepals become green and also enlarge leaving one with some of the most remarkable purple and green flowers I’ve ever seen. This fits with Dr. Maurice Dow’s work that the greenest flowers may come from flowers where the chloroplasts fail to become chloroplasts and from the bluish-purple pigments mixed with yellowish pigments to produce greenish colors. “This could happen with delphinidin mixed with cream to pale yellow chalcone, quercetin or kaempfererol or mixed with yellow stelladerol.” (Dr. M. A. Dow,  AHS The Daylily Journal Vol. 66 No. 1)

    While not a very good bud count or branching BODINE manages to bloom early and repeat bloom throughout the season blooming just as long as some of the better branched daylilies. While not a very easy pod parent, I think you will treasure the seedlings from both its pollen and as a pod parent. A striking daylily and an exceptional parent.