Broadway Sensation, Daylily

*Broadway Sensation

*BROADWAY SENSATION (Stamile,G.) TET T41A  (Broadway Legend X (Stenciled Impressions x Butterfly Cove)) 20” EM EV Re fr. CMO  3.75”   4-way branching. 20 buds.

    BROADWAY SENSATION is a very special daylily for Grace. What makes BROADWAY SENSATION special? It has the ability to open even during the coolest mornings - a must for folks that may have cool mornings early in their bloom season. The color is a beautiful clear rose red with a darker cerise red eye and slight white edge and a very green throat. The combination of colors is stunning. The flower form is flat, round and lightly ruffled with a lovely fragrance to add to its charm.  The scapes are beautifully branched and framed by arching foliage. Despite a bud count of 20 this lovely daylily with strong rebloom was in bloom throughout the whole season.

BROADWAY SENSATION is the beginning of a new dynasty of richly colored small tets. Though a somewhat difficult pollen parent due to light colored pollen BROADWAY SENSATION is both pod and pollen fertile and producing fabulous seedlings.