Chromacolor, Daylily


*CHROMACOLOR (Stamile,P.) TET 558 [Mister Fixit X (Dragonfly Dawn x Tet Texas Kaleidoscope)] 34” EM EVRe CMO (cool morning opener), Fr. 5” 3-way branching, 20 buds.

    The name says it all. It is all about vibrant color and CHROMACOLOR has a vibrant burnt orange base with shades of butterscotch. The multifaceted eye is a complex of vibrant plum, purple and lavender checkered with breaks of cream followed by a distinct band of charcoal over a citron green throat. This cacophony of colors is striking in the garden.
CHROMACOLOR blooms early but never fails to open properly.  tool. If I could only have one daylily of this year’s introductions CHROMACOLOR would be it. Easily fertile both ways.