Ephemera, Daylily


*EPHEMERA (Stamile,P.) TET 497-B [(Stenciled Impressions x Butterfly Cove ) X Tet Tiger on the Mountain] 29” EM EVRe CMO  6.5” 5-way branching. 30 buds.

    Generations of patterned daylily breeding lie behind this daylily yet its name suggests the erratic nature of patterned breeding where the pattern we see one day may disappear and a new face appear. Still this is my number one parent for yellow based patterned flowers for two basic reasons: 1. It generates fabulous patterns on yellow based flowers and  2. It makes the flattest flowers that are open right from the throat.

    EPHEMERA, itself, has a base color of clean clear lemon yellow.

The multifaceted eye is one of a plum mascara eye with a light clear purple inner zone and a pale charcoal innermost band merging into the grass green throat. Always flat open EPHEMERA is a joy to work with and a stunning flower. Fertile both ways.