Good Luck, Daylily

*Good Luck

*GOOD LUCK (Stamile, P.) TET 4118-A (Pirate’s Prism x Tetra Time Stopper) 25”EM Ev ReFr.CMO (cool morning opener) 7”.  2-3 way branching. 12-15 buds.

     GOOD LUCK gets its name from the fortunate circumstance of color shifting into red from two non-red parents. The flower looks like it should come from TET ROSE F KENNEDY or even a Tet RED STAR of KRYPTON but instead is a child of TET TIME STOPPER. GOOD LUCK is a huge 7” rose red with a huge chartreuse green throat extending two thirds of the petal length. Moreover this chartreuse green extends out on the sepals two thirds of their length, as well. Very distinctive and pretty. This “look” has existed for some time in dips and is now there in tets as well. Fertile both ways.