Gullwing, Daylily


*GULLWING (Stamile,P.) TET 525-A [Larkspur Blues x Tet Kaleidoscope Jungle Cat) X (Dragonfly Dawn x Tet Texas Kaleidoscope)] 34” M EVRe fr. 5.75” 4 way-way branching. 24 buds.

    GULLWING gets its name from its unusual form. The petals lift off from the sepals and then fold back to present a flat flower when viewed from the side. The base color of GULLWING is a vanilla cream and pale yellow blend. The multi patterned eye is different on both petals and sepals with the petals showing multi faceted colors with a fuchsia rose mascara eye, purple, lavender, and charcoal bands while the sepals present only the fuchsia mascara band and a shaded light lavender area. The colors of the eye and band on both the sepals and petals bleed out onto the surface of the flower in a spray painted pattern. Very unique and different. Fertile both ways.