King Maker, Daylily

*King Maker

*KING MAKER (Stamile,P.) TET 32-C (Tricolor X Tet Texas Kaleidoscope) 36” EM EVRe CMO fr. 7” 5-way branching (3 laterals plus terminal Y) 25 buds.

    I held this daylily back to use for breeding. A much better breeder than either parent, KING MAKER gets its name from its ability to make  kings out of pawns. Of all the daylily crosses I make I most look forward to those from KING MAKER. Why? It is simply because I like the tall well branched scapes with large very flat faced flowers and KING MAKER delivers on all counts.

    This gorgeous soft sherbet orange base flower is punctuated with a large fuchsia rose and purple eye checkered with bands of lavender and charcoal. Gorgeous color which is not captured well in the image. Wonderful daylily. Fertile both ways.