Pismo, Daylily


*PISMO (Stamile,P.) TET 458 [(Laura Mast x Tet Texas Kaleidoscope) X Mister Fixit] 32” EEvRe Fr. CMO 4 ¼” . 4-way branching. 25 buds.

    PISMO is a reverse bicolor with amber petals and rose sepals. It’s multicolored eye of rose fuchsia, lavender, chartreuse and charcoal is centered with a deep citron green throat. Flowers are marked with prominent rose veining. Patterns show on both petals and sepals. A real cutie, PISMO like OCULAR DELIGHT is always opened beautifully despite any kind of weather. I have been using PISMO, like I use MISTER FIXIT, to correct imperfections in form or opening. A favorite of Grace’s. Fertile both ways.