Rainbow Intrigue, Daylily

*Rainbow Intrigue

*RAINBOW INTRIGUE (Stamile,P.) TET 416-A [Dragonfly Dawn x Whale Tails) X Tet Kaleidoscope Intrigue] 28” MEVRe Fr. 7”. 4-way branching. 20-25 buds.

    RAINBOW INTRIGUE is all about the intricate colors daylilies are capable of. This rose with multicolored patterned eye of plum purple, lavender and charcoal dances with color. Sepals add to the show by presenting large swaths of silver lavender upon the rose base. With RAINBOW INTRIGUE we are getting the colors from the eye way out and onto the flower face. With a 5” eye and lighter patches on the sepals it presents as a bicolored flower within a flower. A beauty. Fertile both ways.