Space World, Daylily

*Space World

*SPACE WORLD (Stamile,P.) TET 42-A (Laura Mast x Tet Kaleidoscope Intrigue) 28” EMEVRe Fr. CMO. 6”. 7-way branching. 25-30 buds.

    This rose lavender blend with a multicolored patterned eye of violet purple, mauve lavender, lavender and charcoal comes closest to capturing the promising colors of it’s pollen parent. Unlike the diploid, SPACE WORLD presents also with a deep violet purple picotee. Patterning exists on both petals and sepals. I have taken SPACE WORLD into the reds and purples with the hope of creating more interesting patterned reds and purples. I am excited to see how that will turn out.

The name “Space World” suggests the importance of this flower in bringing large patterns onto large flowers where there is a multitude of intricate designs and color patterns possible. A breakthrough. Fertile both ways.