Stamile Daylilies

Welcome to our 2017 Introductions.

     Included are our first introductions from Tet Tiger on the Mountain and Tet Kaleidoscope Intrigue. These have been exciting to work with since both have great branching and bud count. Tet Kaleidoscope Intrigue can have 7-way branching while Tet Tiger on the Mountain can have 5-way branching. Their seedlings have been far more pod and pollen fertile than Tet Texas Kaleidoscope, Tet Cosmic Kaleidoscope or Tet Exotic Pattern. Although all have contributed to large flowered patterns I expect the future generations to prove themselves to be easier openers with better branching, bud count and plant habit but most importantly evolve into incredible new patterns on very large flowers.

    Grace is continuing her work in “blue” diploids and has a delightful new offering for you this year.

    For folks in the North with greenhouses or folks in the Deep South: If the plants are taken now they will be much smaller than if you take them in the spring.

    For everyone: Please remember to include a safe shipping date. You can always move it up or back if weather allows.

 We certainly hope you will see something you like.

Patrick and Grace