Wild Watercolor, Daylily

*Wild Watercolor

*WILD WATERCOLOR (Stamile,P.) TET 495-A (Laura Mast x Tet Tiger on the Mountain) 28” MEVRe Fr. 6”. 4-way branching. 28-30 buds.

    WILD WATERCOLOR is our first introduction from Tet Tiger on the Mountain. This medium yellow with a huge multicolored pattern eye of violet, plum purple, lavender and charcoal is stunning. Though highly variable, this one as well as all the 2017 patterns always shows some kind of pattern. If a pattern daylily stops patterning halfway through the season it is discarded. Pattern consistency is one of the traits I seek out in my cultivars. I think WILD WATERCOLOR will open up tremendous opportunities for every hybridizer. Fertile both ways.