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Daylily Cultivar Gallery

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Move Over Dolly
Display Peat, J.
I have included two separate images of ‘Move Over Dolly’ in the catalog as she is a wonderful large golden yellow, heavily ruffled flower with a striking green throat for approximately 75% of the season. Heavy substance and a soft silky appearance further enhance the already beautiful flowers. As the weather changes to high humidity and heat a dramatic change occurs in the flower appearance. A truly unique and distinct flower shows off her full potential. Every garden visitor must be told ‘hands off’, as the temptation to touch ‘Move Over Dolly’ is so overwhelming. I myself have a difficult time keeping my hands off the flower. Extra petal tissue forms near the end of each petal, folding back along the sides of the mid-rib, displaying mountainous like bumps. The term mid-rib double, or butterfly wings is often used when extra tissue forms along the mid-ribs - however, I think we need a new term to describe this type of tissue enhancement. ‘Move Over Dolly’ is the name, because we felt this appropriately describes her unique features.
28X6.5 SEv T

Move Over Dolly, DaylilyMove Over Dolly, Daylily

Nature's Showman' X 'Darla Anita' - EM., Re., Fr., 21 buds, 3 way branching.

Photo Credit: John Peat