Thank you all for the messages and calls in relation to how we did with Hurricane Irma.
We are able to resume shipping Mon September 25th.
  If you have been waiting for an order and feel it is getting too late in the season to plant,
  please let us know and we can reschedule for spring. 
We again thank you for your  concern and support.

Kind Regards 

Guy and Karen Pierce

Guy & Karen

Fall 2017 Introductions
Angels View
*Angels View
Cactus Plums
*Cactus Plums
Cool Composure
*Cool Composure
Endless Beauty
*Endless Beauty
Globally Green
*Globally Green
Gracious Ruffles
*Gracious Ruffles
Green Scream
*Green Scream
Green Volcano
*Green Volcano
Inner Spirit
*Inner Spirit
Pistachio Moon
*Pistachio Moon
Potbelly Pink
*Potbelly Pink
Primo Vino
*Primo Vino
Refreshing Jewel
*Refreshing Jewel
Smiling Supreme
*Smiling Supreme
Strawberry Blast
*Strawberry Blast
Sublime Splendor
*Sublime Splendor
The Green Hammer
*The Green Hammer
The Royal Greens
*The Royal Greens
White Rhino
*White Rhino
Wizard of Awe
*Wizard of Awe

The Pattern Collection

Big Boy Butterfly
*Big Boy Butterfly
Nature Lover
*Nature Lover
Pharaoh's Arrows
*Pharaoh's Arrows
Prime Example
*Prime Example
Seminole Stitchery
*Seminole Stitchery
Web of Ideals
*Web of Ideals